A Tangible God

The individual or a collective,
And God, the case in point.
Marred by coercion
Of those who anoint.

For a book they go by,
And man’s scripture believed,
Yet divided are those
To the question conceived.

Blind faith in turn,
As ‘God’ bestows light,
Yet contradiction paramount,
But still,

Blind sight.

Evolution, looked back
Enter Adam and Eve,
Giving birth to sin,
What do you believe?

…Evolution would state
This cannot be right
But those of faith,
Put up the blind fight.

Intangibility the crux,
As the world splits manifold,
With respect to the ‘answer’,
To which many are sold.

The ‘God atom’ now found,
As the Atheist takes lead,
Science meets Theology,
The former

…plants a seed.

Yet ethics and morals
Written in Biblical law,
Are known to all,
Yet we are plagued by war.

We have the ability
To take life and conceive,
Yet the religious say a book
Must be believed.

Love meets hate
And communication divides all,
With feuds and factions
Fulfilling our downfall.


What if God
…Was not a metaphorical ‘thing’ or an ‘it’,
But was something tangible,
A plausible, but awkward fit..

For if love and hate
Are feelings man-made,
And peace and war
Are games man played,
Morals and ethics
Are not God’s word,
But again are man-made.

Or absurd?

If all these things are conceived
Or becoming of man,
Why is it said to be
Within God’s hands..

If this is true, we are alone,
Just as individuals in a space,
Linked by creed, nations
Or in most cases race.


What if, as a collective
There is something else,
What if we are together..
A grand conception of ‘the self’.
For evermore understanding
With more control in our grasp,
That said;

A question I would ask..

What if all that we are,
Together was a collective ‘being’,
What if we are the tangible,
The reality of a divine dream?

What if alone, we are human
But together,

We become ‘The’ Human-Being,
Perhaps in that light God is ‘us’,
Perhaps, tangibility is now seen.

2012-August 18th 2013

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Copyright © 2013 Tom Copping. All rights reserved

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